At ICS Nursery the curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) program of learning which links home and school. Beginning a learning partnership with parents and students leads students through the ECE learning stages, from primary school to the primary learning stages and beyond scaffolding learning for an easy transition to FS2. The Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) curriculum is thematic and play-based, with six core areas of learning. The curriculum guides lessons and incorporates a range of resources designed to build independence, confidence, and problem-solving skills.


  • Once toddlers learn to walk, there's no turning back. International Community Nursery will keep your child moving and build on this newfound skill. We will provide lots of opportunities to be active, learn and explore in safe surroundings.

  • Toddlers love to imitate adults and are fascinated with all aspects of life. We will provide age-appropriate toys that will encourage this, such as toy cars and trains, simple puzzles, push/pull and riding toys, etc.

  • Reading continues to be important in our nursery. Your toddler will start identifying and pointing to objects in the pictures along with a story.



At this age, your child is learning at a rapid rate, and as they grow and develop, the teacher adapts the curriculum, as well as the environment to meet both your child’s needsNursery as well as their interests. International Community Nursery prepares a lesson plan created weekly, with activities individualized to the specific needs of each child in the classroom. Each activity in the lesson plan is purposeful and intentionally planned, based on the teachers’ observations of each child in the classroom.

Our teachers will develop language and literacy skills for 2-3 year olds by:

  • Describing what they are doing as well as what the child is doing, so that children will hear more language and connect words to actions.
  • Singing songs/rhymes daily.
  • Create a print-rich classroom environment with labelled materials to allow children to begin to develop pre-reading skills.
  • Allow opportunities to experiment with writing materials, value scribbles and emergent writing.



  • Three-year-olds are full of wonder and spend a lot of time watching, observing, and imitating. Their imagination is working at all times, and they are particularly interested in perfecting the fine motor skills that they found challenging when they were two years old. At this age, a child will improve the way in which they hold their crayon.

  • Our nursery classrooms are designed to include learning centers, which give children the opportunity to play by themselves or in groups. The classroom itself is a prepared environment, designed to provide children with positive experiences. Our teachers skillfully plan engaging learning activities that build upon what your child can do, encouraging exploration along the way.

  • Subjects such as English, Math, Language Skills, Art, Active Physical Play, and Music are integrated into the learning centers and introduced in the context of play. The learning centers within a classroom offer social learning, playing together to develop healthy development and support children’s ability for later academic learning. Our teachers are especially attuned to the emotional quality of classroom interactions and help children identify emotions and learn problem-solving strategies.



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About ICS

The International Community Schools (ICS), Abu Dhabi, has a long and enviable reputation in the region for providing high-quality private education for students from KG to Grade 12, in both the British and American curriculums. Since its foundation as Ibrahimya School in 1990, ICS has developed from a relatively humble “villa school” of 200 students to the prestigious and highly resourced facilities of today, catering for over 3500+ students.

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